My Heart, My Love
This web-log is collection of songs written by Yoichi Bell.
walk alone
in my place.
this is the place i can truly open my heart.
in my place.
i am looking for my place which we can share.
if you said you accept me,
i couldn't do.
Cuz i'm afraid, afraid
that i lost my sense.

my heart had already closed.
cold, i don't wanna cry anymore.

however a part of my ice land needs sunshine.
everytime i meet kindness, i'm about to fall.
even if it is not love.

believing is based on relation.
trust depends on heart.
for believing i see your eyes.
believing, i don't know the truth,
sometime it's my guarantee.

however i know i must face the truth.
'cuz our lives's still moving
so young

i walk, walk, walk for morning glory.